Allergies Can Hit Your Pets Hard

Allergies Can Hit Your Pets Hard

The pollen is flying, the grass is growing and that is making many of us pretty miserable as allergy season hits hard.  And what some may not realize, it is no different for your pets. It can be a miserable time for them as well, especially if they aren't getting the treatment they need.

"For some little critters it's like it has poison ivy all over it's body, plus it get between the toes, in the ears and eyes, you name it, it's entire surface is irritated," said Veterinarian Dr Brian Forsgren of the Gateway Animal Clinic in Cleveland.

At least half of all vet visits, at this time of year, according to Dr. Forsgren, involve pets suffering from allergies. "Once the season starts, all heck breaks loose," he said.

Treating allergies in pets is not easy, Dr. Forsgren says, first they treat the symptoms and then they have to figure out what exactly is causing them.

It's best to get to the vet now, "When spring comes along it's time to see the vet, early detection, early treatment, don't let your pet suffer," Dr. Forsgren said.

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