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Another RTA attack: Woman ambushed on rapid

RTA train RTA train

We've learned of another attack on an RTA rapid train. A woman heading to work dozed off, and she woke up to another woman punching her in the head.

It happened about 4 a.m. on a weekday late last month along the blue line.

In recent months, a number of attacks on RTA buses and trains have made headlines. And this news comes as RTA and Cleveland City Council have been taking steps to improve safety.

In this case, the rider says she didn't know her attacker, and she never spoke to her. The victim told, 19 Action News, "She thought I was someone else. Thought I stole her identity."

"If not for the guys behind me there's no telling what would've happened," she added.

Ruby Stewart has been charged with assault. But court records show she's wanted.

RTA told us there's no video of this attack. The victim says she was told the cameras on that train weren't working.

She added, "I want her caught. I want more security on RTA."

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