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I wanted Milliner, I'll settle for Mingo

Barkevious Mingo was not my top choice for the Browns, but I'm not going to rip them for it either. My preferences for them were to trade down, select Dee Milliner or take a pass rusher. Mingo fits the bill for choice number three. I am noticing a lot of Milliner-wanting fans that are not as OK with the pick as I am.  While I do believe that their secondary is in worse shape than their pass rush was, you can never have enough guys to rush the passer. And more heat on the quarterback can make a team's corners better. I'm not sure how much better they'll make Buster Skrine, but we'll find out.

The Mingo critics point to his 4.5 sacks last year. He says it came down to scheme, that he wasn't asked to rush the passer as much and was given other priorities. The Browns obviously agreed. If Cleveland hadn't taken him, many feel he would've been selected soon. So, if you're citing the 4.5 sacks, you either feel that Mingo is lying or that the Browns, and other teams, are just stupid.

Their cornerback depth is a total disaster. Joe Haden could finish with zero interceptions, why in the world would anybody throw his way when there are probably receivers prancing around wide open because Buster Skrine and Trevon Wade cannot cover them? Jonathon Bademosi is next in line. If one of those kids steps up, fine, I'll take my crow deep fried, but I'm not holding my breath (or ordering up some hot sauce). The Browns needed another quality corner, even if they get one later in the draft, that guy won't be on the level of Milliner.

Joe Banner said it best when he said they would not be able to plug all their holes with this one draft. He was right, and that's one reason I'm not going to shred them for passing on Milliner. If they felt he was just an injury waiting to happen, then I can see why they passed. I just hope the Browns don't see teams passing all over them this fall.

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