Strongsville Teachers' Union vote to accept new contract

Strongsville Teachers' Union vote to accept new contract

STRONGSVILLE, OH (WOIO) - On Saturday, April 27th, striking teachers in Strongsville got the red carpet treatment before voting to ratify a tentative agreement and afterwards they were all smiles.

It took less than three hours for the Strongsville Teachers' Union to vote in favor of the new contract which will put an end to the two month long strike.

Although many in Strongsville are happy to hear the outcome of the meeting, there is still one more step before the deal becomes official.

In order for the new deal to be ratified, the Strongsville Board of Education has to agree to the terms as well.  The BOE is set to meet on Sunday, April 28th, to vote.

Members of the SEA are said to have overwhelmingly voted to seal the deal, with 385 members approving the contract.

Teachers say they will be happy to get back and never intended it to go this long.

The work stoppage has taken a toll on teachers, the community and students.

The union members had been without a contract since last summer.

Some of the issues include pay pensions health benefits work load and class size .

While the strike may not have divided this community it did cause hard feelings.

Maybe now the healing can begin.

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