That was interesting day of drafting

That was interesting day of drafting

They better be right. That's what I'll say about the Browns third day of the NFL Draft. It was a very unusual day. They came in with five picks and seemed hell bent on using every one of them to make people go "Hmm."

I hate trading the 4th round pick to the Steelers. I know they got a 3rd round choice next year, and that's usually a win, but this is the Steelers. They wanted a safety, and the Browns gave them the pick to do it. How many times have the Browns been better at the draft than the Steelers? See why I'm nervous?

The 5th round pick to Indy doesn't really bother me, it's just strange that two rounds in a row they decided there wasn't one player on the board that could make them better. In two or three years history will likely show they missed some guys here. They do put themselves in a great position for next year with the extra choices, but in the meantime their cupboard is two picks short this season, and one of them will play in Pittsburgh.

When they did draft players they went with a safety coming off a torn Achiles tendon, Jamoris Slaughter, and two Division II players- DE Armonty Bryant of East Central Oklahoma and offensive lineman Garrett Gilkey of Chadron State. Byrant was arrested in October for selling drugs to an undercover police officer, in practice. How does that even happen?

It's not that the Browns made one head scratching move, they made five of them. Does that mean they were wrong? No. This is this front office's first draft. We should give them the benefit of the doubt, but they are asking everybody to take a leap of faith here. Five picks, five moves that aren't what people expected. I hope they're right!