Personnel file: County worker hid on the job a lot

Personnel file: County worker hid on the job a lot
Joe Gorley
Joe Gorley

We're uncovering more about a Summit County Inspector we caught ripping off taxpayers--sitting around and doing nothing on the job. And it raises new questions about his bosses.

We've reviewed the personnel file for Joe Gorley, a $50,000 a year plumbing inspector. We recently found him sitting in an inner city Cleveland shopping center parking lot in the middle of the work day.

The personnel file shows, after we exposed Gorley, Summit County wanted to fire him.

The file shows he got paid for no work all the time.  A disciplinary letter says he'd been "repeating this behavior" "day after day" "doing nothing" "sitting at malls and shopping areas".

In fact we've obtained pictures and video taken by a taxpayer of Gorley sitting in the same shopping center months ago.

We only saw one performance evaluation for Gorley. That, from 2004, and it recommended a pay raise.

How'd he keep getting away with it?  We went to the Summit County Executive's Office. The chief of staff wouldn't talk on camera, and he walked away shutting a door as we asked questions.

When we confronted Gorley, he tried to tell us he was going to a meeting.

What do taxpayers think?  They cheered as we confronted him.

Summit County is now putting GPS locators in building standard vehicles as a result of this. The county says it already has GPS locators in vehicles with the department of environmental services.

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