Allergies hitting early and hard

Allergies hitting early and hard

From the looks of the 19 Action News Weather Forecast, spring seems to have finally taken hold in Northeast Ohio, but allergy sufferers have known, for about a month now, that spring had already made it's presence felt.

Sneezing, runny noses, itching and trouble breathing, all allergy symptoms, are making plenty of us miserable in what has been an earlier starting and harder hitting allergy season.

"The very fact that you have more pollens, more allergens prevalent in nature, and if you're allergic to it, you're body will have a bigger reaction to it," said Dr. Akhil Chouksey of Metro Health Medical Center.

Dr. Chouksey, who is the Director of Allergy and Immunology at Metro, says business, in terms of allergy patients, is booming, "It's fair to say if I throw a stone, the likelihood of it falling on a person with allergies is pretty high, one of three people have some kind of allergies."

And this year, the type of spring that we've had, rainy, has made this allergy season even worse.

"So people will have a double whammy, pollen is there, rain is of course good for the grass and trees to come out, but it increases the concentration of mold as well," said the doctor.

And allergy symptoms are more that just a nuisance, studies show worker production goes down and student test scores suffer.  "People don't sleep well at night, so you don't sleep well, you're much more tired in the daytime, it's a complex equation all the way around," said Dr. Chouksey.

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