Teachers' salaries released in wake of levy vote

Teachers' salaries released in wake of levy vote

WESTLAKE, OH (WOIO) - On the heels of a bitter strike in Strongsville, where what teachers make and what seemed like enough were a hot topic.

Many area communities are asking taxpayers to dig deeper into their pockets to pay for their schools.  Some Voters seem to be fed up.

"I believe last year I saw an increase of 300 dollars in just one half of the year for a school levy and now they are asking for another one," said Cherie Torok of Avon.

In Westlake,  the battle over a 5.9 mill levy just got that much more personal.  Someone did a mass mailing listing what is said to be the salaries and names of the teachers who make the most in the district.

At the very top a few making six figures, dozens making close to 90 thousand.

"I will vote for the levy on Tuesday.  I believe teachers are the foundation of all learning and they deserve a high salary," said Westlake resident Nicole Sauer.

Westlake Schools Superintendent Dr. Daniel Keenan Jr. makes no apologies for what teachers make.  Westlake hasn't had a levy pass in seven years and the city schools have list millions in state funding over that time.

"We did just complete a contract where administrative pay scales went back five percent.  Our teacher pay scale went back 2 1/2 percent.  The insurance increased to $200-230 a month for family insurance, and we are working longer days," Keenan said.

But many seem to say you get what you pay for and they don't mind paying more.

Art Fusco of Westlake says, "I think teachers whatever they make is not enough with what they have to put up with, what they have to do for continuing education is beyond what anyone realizes unless they have kids in the school system."

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