Danielle's Doghouse: Diet pill deals

Danielle's Doghouse: Diet Pill Deals
Diet pills
Diet pills

(WOIO) - A weight control radio commercial claims you can get paid to lose five to seven pounds per week.

Getting paid to lose weight perks up ears and heightens curiosity, so 19 Action News follows up with a Danielle's Doghouse investigation into the fine print of those advertised diet pill deals.

The product under review is called Raspberry Keytone from a company called Simple Pure Nutrition, which is found on the web. This particular offer is from a company called Simple Pure Nutrition.

Raspberry Keytone allegedly boosts metabolism and burns stored fat into energy, all while not having to change your diet or add an exercise routine. The buzz on this product is widespread, even Dr. Oz is talking about it on his show.

Pure Simple promises to pay $5.00 for every pound lost, after reaching a target weight loss goal. It appears as if Simple Pure Nutrition is looking for real testimonials from real people using their product.

The trial begins with a phone call to enroll. However, the company turns what could be a much shorter registration focused call into a time taxing sales pitch.

It turns out not much if anything about this trial is without cost. 19 Action News's Danielle Serino finds a cost of $49.00 per month for the first two months use. Pressure to reach that weight loss goal. The company tries to set up automatic monthly shipping of the pills.

Studies show people motivated by money lose more weight than people who aren't. In the case of this offer a 30 day money back guarantee in case it doesn't work is also intended to motivate.

In addition to the two months' supply cost; there is a shipping cost of $10.00. However, signing up with Freeshipping.com offers free shipping from all kinds of companies, with rebate. This is another subscription requiring cancellation not to get automatically billed. For a free trial there are a lot of costs that can add up.

The diet pills come with a long list of 32 steps to read through. Among them are instructions to lose 10 pounds a month minimum and take 12 pictures before and after pictures in various different poses. Plus multiple 30 second videos of physical changes, all of which were not mentioned during the long enrollment call.

The company encourages working out and dieting along with taking the supplement. They sent multiple exercise DVDs that result in charges unless the DVDs are sent back. Turns out the DVDs are also part of a subscription package that needs to be canceled to avoid further charges.

Dorothy Beatty from Clinton Township ordered the pills over the phone after seeing a Pure-Simple advertisement in the paper. She went through the process, except the company had her order a gas card and magazines, said to be tied into partnering marketing companies.

Dorothy says, "in order to order the ketones, you had to do these other three things, you had to subscribe to these but you could cancel them." So she did. Beatty explains her surprise, "I got all the confirmation numbers and all of the money started coming out of my checking account, and I'm like what is this for? And it was for these three charges I had already canceled."

The FDA hasn't approved Raspberry Keytone for weight loss, and there is no evidence the product actually works. So the only thing Danielle's Doghouse investigation can report on getting smaller due to Raspberry Ketone diet pills, may be your wallet.

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