Avon Lake: One week away from school levy battle

Avon Lake: One week away from school levy battle
Issue 10 on the may ballot in Avon Lake
Issue 10 on the may ballot in Avon Lake

AVON LAKE, OH (WOIO) - Residents in Avon Lake will vote next week, and the city schools are asking voters to make an investment in education.

Signs supporting a YES vote on Issue 10 dot the lawns of many homes in the city.

"Definitely yes. Our schools need it," said Joe Post.

"I think it's very important. It'll help with their technologies. Better learning. Better classrooms. Everything for the kids," added Laura Cawrse.

The school board says the district lost nearly $9 million in revenue due to state and local budget cuts and a reduction in property values.

Also, the NRG Power Plant is scheduled to close in 2015 and the schools here receive revenue from the power plant.

"This school system has done an awesome job with my children. I've been very pleased with the education that they've received and I think that one way to keep your community strong is to support education," said Kathleen Horton.

"They've proven through the years that they are very good at educating our children. It's one of the top high schools in the state and I feel that they need the money they've been asking," said Mr. Post.

Some parents worry about what will be cut if the levy does not pass.

"The sports. The band. The music. All that stuff makes you a well-rounded student. I think they need the overall education not just the math, reading and writing," explained Melissa Post.

"Usually, what it means...and has meant already...is electives get cut. And that's a shame because a lot of kids are good at art and good at music. And you don't want to lose those kinds of things," said Mrs. Horton.

A failed levy in November and other cuts led to the loss of 34 employees.

If this levy fails, the district will have to make millions more in cuts..and will consider eliminating art, music and phys ed for some grades.

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