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Protest at University of Akron


University of Akron faculty members are hoping to raise public awareness over what they say are unfair wages, lack of benefits and job security.

"It's really a shame. Only 2.5% of the $400 million dollar budget is spent on compensating the more than 1,000 part time faculty who teach on campus," said Matt Williams, Vice President of the New Faculty Majority.

Joining them in the protest are former faculty who say they left because of the conditions.

"I couldn't afford to support my family, teaching even three classes," said Maria Maisto.

Lecturers and the University blame the Affordable Care Act, in part, for recent cutbacks in course loads.

"We make about $20,000 a year. And with the cuts in the Affordable Care Act, that will reduce people's wages. Some people are already on public assistance," said adjunct lecturer April Freely.



"We are working with other universities to create opportunities for part time instructors...we are also considering creating positions for temporary visiting lecturers, who will teach 12 credit hours each semester and receive benefits."


Those fighting out loud say there would be more of them out here if not for their fear of retaliation.


"They're are absolutely terrified that they will lose their jobs.  They don't get fired, they just don't get renewed or don't get an assignment," said Maisto.


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