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Meal Deals: Feeding a family of four

Getting the right food at the right price is a constant battle for families.

"If you're going to have fresh fruits and vegetables, it will cost money," says Beverly Scipio. 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture figures it now costs $146 a week to feed a family of four on a thrifty meal plan (the basis for s.n.a.p), roughly $200 for low to moderate plans, and $289 a week for a plan that includes more expensive meat and seafood. 

Former chef, Donita Anderson, with the North Union Farmers Market says buying in bulk and in season is key.

"It's highly nutritious to buy food that's locally grown. Because what comes to farmers markets is usually picked within a day and that's its height of mineral and vitamin content," says Anderson. 

Apples, carrots, bananas and greens are among the cheapest produce you can buy. 

"It's easier to stay on under budget if you buy fruits and vegetables, good things to eat," says Tonya Sayles. 

Families on assistance can get twice the produce at local farmer's markets. 

"There's a match program. For the first ten dollars you spend at the market we match, matches by the state for $10 or more," says Anderson. 

Savvy shoppers suggest hitting up the West Side Market near closing time to haggle for deals. 

And dietitians also recommend stocking up on low cost/high proteins like eggs and beans, canned veggies on sale, store brands and avoiding high dollar, high calorie things like sodas.

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