10-year old wins in battle against brain tumor

10-year old wins in battle against brain tumor

A 10 year old girl battled a brain tumor and came out a winner.

Kayla was once seen lying is a hospital bed. Now Kayla can be seen jumping rope in the driveway of her home. The 10 year-old is now a bundle of energy and full of life.

"It was hard but I just kept going. I knew the quicker I healed the quicker I was out," said Kayla.

Not so long ago her journey was far from certain. Life for Kayla has not been easy.

She has been through more at 10 than most in a lifetime. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor, had two surgeries and radiation.

"Before they got it out all out I could walk but I'd get numb, then I would just fall over and then I would have bad headaches and just puked all the time.  It was disgusting," explained Kayla.

That did not dampen her spirit nor dim her beautiful, life affirming smile.

"She's just amazing. Like I said earlier she's my super girl.  It's just amazes me every day, every day. I'm just so proud of her. She's awesome.  She has come through like a trooper?  Big time, big time," said Kayla's mom. "She was just in a hospital bed, so sick and now she's back to normal. She can do anything, sports and everything now. It's just been great."

It was her sunny disposition that kept her proud mom and dad from falling apart. Kayla kept her family's spirits up and her friends and classmates help keep her going.

"My two friends they came over to the hospital and they visited me.  Then when I went to the Valentine's day party everyone was so excited to see me," said Kayla.

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