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19 Action News Investigation: Long delays in rulings on police shootings

A 19 Action News investigation has found some Cleveland Police shootings have been under investigation for so long, there still hasn't been a ruling on whether they were justified even after well over a year.

We found 12 cases from 2012 with city police shooting and wounding or killing someone. Of course, the most famous, last November where two people were killed by officers after a long chase.

City Prosecutor Victor Perez has ruled eight shootings from 2012 justified. But we saw four still under investigation.

The shooting after the chase going to a grand jury.

The deadly shooting of Randall Scott Jr. in September has been turned back to internal affairs. Police have said they stopped Scott on the street and he reached for a gun.

Police shot Willie Sudduth shot last March. That case is still an open investigation. Police say they shot Suddeth when he fired at someone else.

And no ruling yet for the shooting last March of Kenny Smith. An off-duty officer shot him downtown. Police have said he reached for a gun after shots had been fired.

We often see charges with everyday murder cases in weeks.

So we asked the chief, why so long for police shooting investigations?

"There again, there's things that have to be done. There's a process. My job is not to get it done quickly. My view is get it done right," said Michael McGrath.

The city recently decided from now on all deadly police shooting cases will go to a grand jury.

It's not clear how that will affect the timeline but these cases may end up getting even closer looks.

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