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Residential Fear: Search for Solon attacker

Park East Apartments, Solon, OH Park East Apartments, Solon, OH

Solon residents are learning about two attempted abductions in 48 hours.

The attacks happened at the Park East Apartment complex, a place where several children live. Now residents are on edge.

"I'm stunned cause nothing goes on around here at least if it does we don't hear about it," says resident George Allen.

Detectives believe they're looking for the same guy.

On Monday a 17 year old girl was outside the door of her apartment when she heard fast footsteps behind her. The suspect pulled her by the arm . She got away by screaming and using her keys to fight him off.

Late Wednesday night there was another attempted abduction.

A 70 year old resident was trying to get into her apartment when a guy grabbed her around the waist . She screamed and he ran off into the woods.

Solon Police are beefing up patrols to try to catch the suspect.

Now many residents say they too will keep a watchful eye in a community they thought was safe.

"I'll be a lot more careful a lot more cautious. We live facing the back so sometimes they sit out on the back with the blinds open,but, now they're not going to be outside at all by themselves," explains Ilana Johnson.

Police have a vague description of the suspect.

They are asking residents to give them a call if they see anything suspicious at (440) 248-2932.

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