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Toxins: Dangerous neighborhood park?

WC Reed Playfield on Cleveland's west side WC Reed Playfield on Cleveland's west side

The plan to fix up WC Reed Playfield and the entire park around it has been put on hold due to concern about what's in the ground. Right now the park is closed and Thursday residents finally got an update about when it might reopen. 

The Dixon family is enjoying a beautiful spring night, playing in the driveway of their home. 
They'd like to be playing at WC Reed Playfield but the entire park was shut down in December.

"Now the kids have nothing to do. No where to go," said Cyle Dixon.

While renovating the park at W. 15th and Denison, the city found potential cancer causing toxins.

"I'm very concerned with my kids, my wife having asthma, the elderly in the neighborhood," said Cyle Dixon.

Some residents are still angry about the news.

"The city knew what was back there 15 years ago," said a resident.

"They're taking everything. The light poles. The walks. The pavement.  The fence.  Everything.  It's a complete removal of everything," said Don Kasych, City of Cleveland.

That work could start next month.  But redoing the entire park will take time and it probably won't open again until next year.  Residents also found out all the beautiful oak trees will have to be removed.

"Everyone's concerned about the toxic situation.  And I know that they're taking care of it.  I'm confident about that," said Virginia Cook.

But Cyle Dixon has doubts about the future of the park.

"I don't think they'll ever open it again," said Cyle Dixon.

The city has not said when it will reopen. The price tag for cleaning  it up and rebuilding it -- more than $2 million dollars.     

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