Carl Monday: Illegal dumping investigation gets action

Carl Monday: Who's trashing local neighborhoods?

Responding to a Carl Monday investigation, a team of City of Cleveland fire and building inspectors, prosecutors and politicians showed up in force Thursday afternoon at an illegal garbage dumpsite.

They wanted to see first hand what Monday and his team exposed last week - tons and tons of trash that were illegally dumped and have been sitting inside an old factory for over six months.

The building on Wayside Avenue, a half a block from a residential neighborhood, was leased by a man named Guy Oriano to a company called Axelrod Rubbish Hauling.  Owner Chris  Gattarello agreed to show up at the site to meet with the city contingent, to find a way to clean up the mess. One that Collinwood Councilman Mike Polensek calls "an environmental nightmare for the city."

Gattarelo quickly left the site after he was approached by Monday, who discovered he has a lengthy criminal record that includes receiving stolen property, grand theft, forgery and passing bad checks.

Axelrod Rubbish Hauling is now out of business, but Gattarello continues to operate under another name.

Cleveland Housing Court, the EPA and other government agencies are also looking into another Gattarello dumpsite at the Old Acme factory on Kirby Avenue in Collinwood, where hundreds of thousands of tons of garbage have been sitting for two years.

Residents on both Wayside and Kirby sites have complained of the stench and rats that have invaded their neighborhoods.

Still unclear who will pay for the clean-up on Wayside, but the city says Gattarello may begin removing trash a early as next Monday.

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