Carl Monday Gets Immediate Action: Local rubbish hauler forced to clean up his mess

Follow-Up: Trash hauler in a heap of trouble
Trash fills leased warehouse on Wayside Avenue in Collinwood
Trash fills leased warehouse on Wayside Avenue in Collinwood

For more than a month now, 19 Action News Chief Investigator Carl Monday has been digging up dirt on a local rubbish hauler who has created an environmental mess in the middle of the city.

Carl's reports caught the attention of city officials, and Friday clean up of one of the dumpsites got underway.

Christ Gattarello is finally cleaning up the mess that he created.  He and his crew began the dirty job of removing tons of raw garbage from a warehouse he leased on Wayside Avenue in Collinwood.  It was supposed to be taken to a license landfill months ago.

The trash on Wayside, and at least one other site, has led to a massive rat and odor problem in nearby neighborhoods.  After a housing court hearing next week, we should have a better idea who will pick up the tab for the clean-up.

Gattarello has partnered with various individuals through the years, forming rubbish hauling companies under a variety of names.  Gattarello has a lengthy rap sheet, including Grand Theft, Forgery and passing bad checks involving the elderly.

Twice he has refused to talk with reporter Monday.

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