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Northeast Ohio councilman threatened

Flyer found on Woodmere Councilman Azaadjeet Singh's car Flyer found on Woodmere Councilman Azaadjeet Singh's car

Azaadjeet Singh says he's a proud Sikh American. He's been a Woodmere Councilman for two years. But someone doesn't like that.

"Of course I was alarmed," says Azaadjeet Singh.

Singh says Thursday night he walked out of his apartment to his car and noticed something on his windshield.

His face was crossed out on one of his monthly fliers with troubling words written on it. " No black vote. Black people stick together. Fool," explains Singh.

That person bold enough to leave the troubling message where the councilman lives which is right across the street from the Woodmere Police Department.

"I've lived here for more than seven years and I love all my black brothers and sisters. In fact I'm the one who does the black history month," says Singh.

Singh filed a police report, but, he says this isn't the first time he's been targeted. He tells us last summer someone damaged his car. And he thinks he knows what's behind all this.

"This is an election year so I think some people feel intimidated with me because I ask all the questions that need to be asked in the council," explains the Councilman.

Signh says it's disconcerting. Back in 2009 Councilwoman Lisa Brockwell's home set on fire. She and her daughter got out just in time. The councilwoman said she'd been threatened for years." It makes you afraid," says Singh.

Singh says police are looking into it. But he says last time something happened nothing was done.

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