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19 Action News Investigation: How many downtown stabbings?

Aliza Sherman Aliza Sherman

We have learned that Cleveland Police have been looking at other knife attacks that have taken place downtown to see if they shed any clues into the stabbing death of Cleveland Clinic nurse Aliza Sherman.

So 19 Action News reporter Ed Gallek looked at cases involving knives downtown since January. He found five cases other than the murder. None of the cases as gruesome or vicious as the one involving Sherman.

Sherman was killed in broad daylight on March 24 near the Galleria downtown. Police say she was stabbed 11 times.

Two weeks before Sherman's murder, Tiffany Fails says two men robbed her at W. 9th and St. Clair. She says one of the men had a pocket knife, but it seems they just wanted her money. Sherman's purse was left at the scene after she was killed.

Other cases have been investigated, but there appear to be no similarities, they include a nightclub stabbing, a father-son fight in an apartment, and a threat to a security guard at the bus station.

As for Sherman's case, surveillance video nearby shows someone running away from the crime scene. But so far, that video has not led police to a killer. A $25,000 reward has been put up, largely by friends and loved ones.

Remember, you can always email a tip to Crime Stoppers through this website. You can remain anonymous, and if your tip leads to an arrest, you could get that reward.

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