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Parking plan appeal heard in court


Cincinnati city leaders had their parking plan appeal heard in court on Monday.

The administration argues its plan would modernize the parking system and bring in a steady stream of revenue to close future budget gaps and fund downtown development. As part of the plan, the city would receive $92 million up front and $3 million each year.

Opponents of privatized parking believe all the money generated would be spent in just a couple of years and is jeopardizing the city's long term future. 

A petition was delivered to City Hall with enough valid signatures to put the issue on the November ballot. Judge Robert Winkler issued a permanent injunction on the plan in March, prohibiting the city from moving forward. 

As a result, the City is appealing the judge's ruling that the issue needs to be passed by voters in November.

"Parking is a side story. This city's ability to adopt legislation and have it become effective immediately is important to the ongoing operation, and it is the city's ability to respond to it's citizens needs," argued City Solicitor John Curp.

However, an activist from the Cincinnati's west side, Pete Witte, disagreed.

"Based on the city's charter that they have misinterpreted for quite some time the use of emergency ordinance, and this case finally brought it to a head. We believe not only have they used it incorrectly, but they've been abusing it all along," said Witte.

The three judge panel should have a ruling on the appeal soon.

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