Kobe busy "in" court, vs. Mom

Cleveland (WOIO) - Imagine saving all of your high school gear in a special box. I mean game jerseys, championship rings, All-American mementos. Throw in an NBA All-Star ring, and oh yeah, a Lakers NBA championship ring, and, well, it just might be something you want to hold on to.

Kobe Bryant did...until his mother, Pamela, sold them.

The real dispute here stems from a house mom wants to buy in Nevada. She asked her son Kobe for $450,000...he offered $250,000. And soon, mom was packing up the memorabilia to sell to an auction house, for $450,000.

The problem is, these are items that obviously can't be replaced. Pam Bryant says Kobe told her five years ago he had no interest in the items, but I find that hard to believe, as cluttered and overstocked as his trophy case is. Kobe may not want or need the items now, but there will come a time when they will mean something to him.

The bigger question to me is, why aren't these items special to his mother? She's the one who should have the emotional attachment to items her son had earned while growing up. Where's her sense of nostalgia?

Now the attorneys are involved, as Kobe fights to get his memorabilia back. And the lasting image of a court battle between mother and son, unfortunately, may be the one memory that neither side will ever be able to shake.

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