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May 2013 Your Vote - At a glance

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Here are some of the top issues on the May 2013 ballots, broken down by county. Click on the county name to be redirected to the Board of Elections website:


  • 2 mil levy renewal for Oregon City Schools
  • Swanton Schools levy renewal (with Fulton)
  • Waterville zoning issue.


  • 6.75 mil levy for Bowling Green City Schools
  • 1.4 mil levy for Bowling Green Parks and Recreation
  • 0.8 mil levy for Perrysburg City Transportation
  • 2 mil levy for Bradner Parks and Recreation
  • 1/2 mil income tax renewal, 3/4 mil tax renewal for Elmwood Local Schools
  • 8.15 mil substitute levy for Fostoria Schools
  • Gibsonburg Schools 1% income tax for current expenses, N. Baltimore Schools, 8 mil. renewal for current expenses


  • 5 1/2 Emergency levy for Clyde Green Springs Schools
  • 1% Income Tax for Gibsonburg Schools
  • $2.8 million bond issue for Bellevue Library
  • Mental health levy


  • 1 percent income tax for Bettsville Schools
  • Fostoria School levy
  • Clyde Green Springs School levy
  • 3 mil police levy for Attica Village
  • Mental Health Levy(with Sandusky County), Bellevue Library (with Sandusky County).


  • 0.7 mil levy for 911 services
  • 0.5 mil health levy countywide
  • 0.5 mil levy for Pike Township Fire
  • 2 mil levy for Delta Library


  • Adrian Madison millage
  • Morenci bond issue


  • 1/2 percent income tax for Napoleon City School
  •  2 mil levy renewal for Henry County Board of Developmental Disabilities 


  • 3/4% Income tax for 7 years for current operations expenses for Ada EVSD (Hardin County)
  • 0.31 mill bond for 30 years for Apollo (Allen County)
  • 0.19 mill for 10 years, 0.5 mill for 30 years
  • 1/2% Income Tax Renewal for permanent improvements for Bluffton EVSD (Allen County) beginning January 1, 2014 for
  • 0.75% Income Tax Renewal for Cory-Rawson LSD for 5 Years, for the purpose of current expenses
  • Substitute tax levy of 8.15 mills for Fostoria CSD (Seneca County) for providing necessary requirements for a continuing period.
  • 4.4 mills for PMP Joint Ambulance District Replacement for 3 years, providing ambulance service, emergency medical services, or both

Hancock County Candidates for Primary Election:

FINDLAY TREASURER - 4 Year Term (Vote for one)

  • *Susan Jo Hite (R) 1320 Avalon Terrace, Findlay

FINDLAY COUNCIL AT LARGE - 2 Year Term (Vote for three)

  • Jacob Dunbar (R) 612 West Lima Street, Findlay
  • W. Jerry Murray (R) 1630 Imperial Lane, Findlay
  • Grant C. Russel (R) 1200 South Main Street, Findlay
  • Tom Shindledecker (R) 2201 North Main Street, Findlay
  • *Anne Spence (R) 711 Fifth Street, Findlay

FINDLAY COUNCIL PRESIDENT - 2 Year Term (Vote for one)

  • *James P. Slough (R) 304 Greenlawn Ave, Findlay

FINDLAY COUNCIL FIRST WARD - 2 Year Term (Vote for one)

  • Holly Frische (R) 1325 Shady Lane, Findlay

FINDLAY COUNCIL SECOND WARD - 2 Year Term (Vote for one)

  • *J. Randal Van Dyne (R) 2255 Quail Lake Road, Findlay

FINDLAY COUNCIL THIRD WARD - 2 Year Term (Vote for one)

  • *R. Ronald Monday (R) 332 West Sawmill Road, Findlay

FINDLAY COUNCIL FOURTH WARD - 2 Year Term (Vote for one)

  • Thomas L. Klein (R) 319 Greenlawn Ave, Findlay
  • Thomas A. Ross (R) 314 Third Street, Findlay

FINDLAY COUNCIL FIFTH WARD - 2 Year Term (vote for one)

  • John Bauer (R) 844 South Main Street, Findlay
  • *William J. Schedel, Jr. 1708 South Main Street, Findlay

FINDLAY COUNCIL SIXTH WARD - 2 Year Term (Vote for one)

  • Andy Douglas (R) 124 West Lima Street, Findlay
  • Jim Niemeyer (R) 1004 West Sandusky Street, Findlay

FINDLAY COUNCIL SEVENTH WARD - 2 Year Term (Vote for one)

  • *Bob Nichols (R) 2026 Knollwood Drive, Findlay

* Incumbents

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