Editorial: Movie Madness

Editorial: Movie Madness

(WOIO) - The city of Cleveland has fallen in love with Hollywood and as you know...love is blind. But it's not just blindness - it's sheer insanity what the city plans to do later this month to accommodate the filming here of the new "Captain America Movie".

The city says it will shut down the entire length of the West Shoreway from May 29th to June 14th and just turn it over to the film makers. The audacity of this decision by the city is quite simply mind- boggling. The West Shoreway is a major thoroughfare moving 36,000 cars and trucks daily. It's the only direct route for commuters coming into the city from Lakewood and parts of Rocky River. Asked to explain this nonsense, city officials say it's warranted because movies shot here are good for the local economy and that studios hire lots of local people and spend bags of money.

But if you study city film commission records, as we have, you won't find any proof of that.  What you will find is that in addition to confiscating the Shoreway, the Captain America movie makers will also get a $10 million dollar tax credit.

Now, if you are as outraged by this as we are, call county executive Ed Fitzgerald and tell him to make sure that Cleveland keeps the Shoreway open.

Write and let me know what you think.  I'm Bill Applegate and here's the address.

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