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RTA fingerprinting event

Fingerprinting event at the Brown's Stadium Fingerprinting event at the Brown's Stadium
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Now that the world has watched three kidnapped girls in Cleveland come home as adults, Gina DeJesus' mom had a particular plea for parents to help avoid the heartache she's known for years. 

On Saturday, March 11th, during RTA's Operation Kid Watch at the Brown's Stadium, many parents took the opportunity to help safeguard their children from being abducted and never seen or heard of again.

On e woman who was at the event for her 8-year-old son said, "With those three girls and other still missing it's important we have as much info on our kids as possible."

So her son, Jack, as did all the other children present, jumped on the scale, had his picture taken and even had a picture taken of his fingerprints

Over the years, at locations all over town, thousands of parents have left with potentially life-saving cards in a police investigation.

Officers say that having these fingerprints would help tremendously when dusting for prints in vehicle or house in attempt to learn if a person was ever at a specific place.

Gina DeJesus' mom even making this plea,"Please! Take your child fingerprint do everything you can to protect them please."

One person summed it all up, "Think about it, you may have hundreds of pictures of your kids but do you have any idea what their fingerprint looks like? Parents getting their kids today keep resounding two words, God forbid."

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