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"Draft Day" Shooting in Mayfield Village

Draft Day shooting, Mayfield Village Draft Day shooting, Mayfield Village

Hollywood is camped out in Northeast Ohio once again. Draft Day is the latest Hollywood production to shoot in the Cleveland area.  The movie stars Kevin Costner as the Browns General Manager, under fire, because the team has not played well and the pressure is on him to strike it big in the NFL draft.  

Film crew members were out at Lakeshore Dance and Gymnastics in Mayfield Village preparing to shoot a scene that includes Costner, and Sally D'Angelo who is the director of Lakeshore Dance.  A number of gymnastics students from Lakeshore will also be in the scene.

Insiders said Costner was on the set early Monday morning, and that D'Angelo and her students were more than excited to be a part of the whole process and were hoping to see themselves on the big screen.

This shoot did not draw the big crowds that showed up in downtown Cleveland to see the rapid fire explosions that made last summer memorable for those who watched the Avengers production.  But, Robin Stetka, on break from her job, just across the street from the set, walked over to check on all the activity, and hopefully get a glimpse of Costner, "I like all of his movies, he's one of my favorite actors, and I like Jennifer Garner, too, I watch all her movies," she said.

Garner also stars as the love interest of Costner in the movie.  

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