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Cribbs will be wearing a different uniform in strange

Cleveland (WOIO) - As Jerry Seinfeld once said, as he mulled over the constant changes in professional sports thanks to free agency, when it comes right down to it, you're rooting for laundry. Players come and go. But that said, it's always strange to see your favorite player in different gear. Joe Namath ended up a Ram. Johnny Unitas ended up a Charger. O.J. Simpson ended up a 49'er. All looked out of place in their new surroundings.

Of course, all were shells of their former selves as players, winding down Hall of Fame careers with one, last slow step. It will be different for Josh Cribbs.

Cribbs isn't a future Hall of Famer, but for the first five years of his eight-year run with the Browns, was one of the top two return men in the business. Devin Hester reached a Super Bowl, but that's the only edge he held over Cribbs. Cribbs took eight kicks back to the house, and three punts. The rules committee didn't do him any favors a couple of years ago when they moved the kickoffs up five yards, however, and his effectiveness was reduced. Like Hester, he tried to become more of a full-time wide receiver, but three head coaches just never committed to him in that role. Maybe his next head coach will.

As of Monday, Cribbs' choices were down to the Lions, Raiders, Jets and Giants. He has a little football left in him, and everybody in Ohio will be rooting for him from afar. After all, it wasn't Josh's decision to move on. But, it will be strange seeing him in another uniform. And painful, if he's flying by would-be tacklers dressed in brown and orange.


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