Nerium AD - Magic potion lotion

Nerium AD - Magic potion lotion

ROCKY RIVER, OH (WOIO) - The quest for the fountain of youth is never ending but, is often coming up with new possibilities offering a lot of promise.

The latest so called "magic potion" is sure getting our attention -- raising eyebrows in more ways than one.

A few pumps a day, a thorough massage in and...

"Look at her wrinkles after one week," said Cindy Scott, Nerium AD sales rep.

In as little as a few days some big promises from the latest age defying potion to hit the market...Nerium AD.

"Honestly I didn't think it was going to work," said a lotion non-believer. "I was very surprised at the results. Very surprised."

A group of friends in Ricky River were skeptical at first but sold on it now.

"They were doing research on all different kind of botanicals and this one really gave great results and it's very effective," said Scott.

Cindy Scott is so big on Nerium AD that she sells it now.

She says the what's different from other self proclaimed magic lotions is in the key ingredient, their exclusive nerium oleander extract, from a plant stem.

But also the company boasts if you don't believe in the endless before and after pictures, or what the ladies say, there's also scientific proof from an independent lab in digital face scans.

"After 30 days of use they saw it was reducing fine lines and wrinkles by 30 to 60 percent," added Scott.

It sure seems like the magic potion but local dermatologist Dr. Lydia Parker says hold on, her concern is that precious key ingredient the oleander plant.

While beautiful, she says it's known best for it's poison properties -- for killing cells. Which is good when you're talking about killing disease.

But when it comes to your skin she suspects it all translates into good old skin irritation at work here.

"It may cause a little swelling and inflammation which could give you some temporary poofing out of some lines," said Dr. Lydia Parker.

But for as many benefits there can be risks.

With Nerium AD, only on the market for a short time, it certainly has yet to be considered tried and true. But, for many what's more important is it has yet to disappoint.

The manufacturer of Nerium AD disputes any safety concerns citing scientific studies claiming it is entirely safe.

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