Heroin on the rise in suburbia

Heroin in suburbia

AMHERST, OH (WOIO) - Lt. Jasinski of the Amherst Police Department is coming off a rough weekend of drug offenses, four in three days, and half involved heroin and young people.

"It just showed up this weekend as a big problem because we were close to having a death," said Lt. Jasinski.

He's referring to Michelle Fitch, who on Sunday saved a 17-year-old girl from a heroin overdose.

"You said you brought her back?" reporter Blake Chenault asked Fitch, and she replied, "Yes she walked down the stairs."

On Friday, a 13-year-old boy told police he had been selling dope to kids at the local junior high and middle schools. Police were shocked by the admission.

The lieutenant has a theory on why heroin use is becoming more popular in the suburbs.

"Kids could be stealing their parent's prescription medication and once that runs out they are addicted and look to the cheaper alternative in heroin," said Lt. Jasinkski.

Parents have to pay attention to their kids when they come home. He says addicted teens will go to some lengths to hide their needle marks. We heard about teens shooting it between their toes to hide it.

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