Luscious lashes

Luscious lashes

MIDDLEBURG HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - It is said that eyes are windows to the soul. So it's not surprising some women go to the extreme of taking medication to make their lashes as abundant and long as possible.

Many stars are known to have expressive eyes adorned with luscious lashes. Brooke Shields, Katy Perry, and Halle Berry are a few.

Looking eye to eye, beautiful lashes can say a lot.

Move over falsies, now there's something new and natural looking that's helping everyone get those Hollywood beautiful long lashes.

So, the difference maker catching the eyes of women all over Northeast Ohio, is semi-permanent eyelashes, these lashes appear to be real when applied.

Nancy Girton decided she had to have them, "I just like the longer lashes, and I like the fact that it doesn't take any mascara cause they are dark when they go on."

The semi-permanent lashes can be placed on as a strip or one by one to fill in any existing gaps.

When Nancy's daughter first saw her mother wearing these lashes she exclaimed, "Oh my gosh. I love it!  It looks so good. I'm so happy for her!!!"

With an average price tag of around two hundred dollars, eyelash extensions aren't cheap at first.  And they need to be properly maintained with occasional fills.  But once you've got the look, most can never go back to their regular lashes.

The end result, proving beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder, it's something everyone can see.

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