Where money still goes a long way

Cleveland (WOIO) - People can do whatever they want with their money. James Harrison, the Akron native who made his mark with the Steelers and now plays for the Bengals, spends his on massages. To the point where his nickname among teammates is "massage whore".

Harrison estimates that he spends between $400,000 and $600,000 per year "on body work, as far as taking care of my body, year-in and year-out."

To be clear, we're not talking 'seedy side of town, happy ending' massages. We're talking high level, career-lengthening Bill Romanowski-type stuff.

"I have a hyperbaric chamber," Harrison said. "I rent a hyperbaric chamber when I'm in Arizona. I have massages and I bring people in from New York, Arizona to where I'm at. There's that cost. Like I said, I get body work almost every single day except Saturday and Sunday".

If that's what has kept Harrison in the NFL for so long, good for him. The thing is, money doesn't last forever. Reports claim that 78% of NFL players will be broke within three years of retirement, and 60% of NBA players within five years. And, as Colt McCoy, Josh Cribbs and Mohamed Massaquoi can tell you, Harrison also has another expensive annual budget he has to feed: the cash that goes towards NFL fines. Harrison has been hit for more than $100,000 in fines over the years.

But, it's his money.

Jeremiah Burris does something different with money. He raises it, to help the poverty-stricken nation of Haiti.

If you follow Avon football, you know of Burris. He had an outstanding high school career with the Eagles, and will attend Bryant University on a football scholarship, while studying international business. He's off to a tremendous start. Since starting the Love Haiti Fund (lovehaitifund.com) sixteen months ago, Burris and friends have raised over $20,000 to feed and medically treat thousands of people. His latest venture includes sponsoring, and renovating, an orphanage. Pretty impressive stuff for an 18-year old kid.

I don't know where James Harrison will be in 10 years. I hope he's happy, healthy and wise. But I have a feeling we'll be seeing, and hearing, a lot more about Jeremiah Burris. And we'll see how hundreds of thousands of lives will have been enriched, because of him.

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