Cold Case Cracked, Cramming Scam, Cleveland Concert

Cold Case Cracked, Cramming Scam, Cleveland Concert

Good evening, I'm Romona Robinson from the 19 Action Newsroom.

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A local mother who's waited nearly 30 years, finally gets the call.
An arrest today in the rape and murder of her teenage daughter.
We're tracking breaking new details in the case.

A huge turnout tonight for a concert benefiting the three missing Cleveland women found alive.
We'll take you there for the outpouring of support, and tell you how you can still help out.

By now you know about Angelina Jolie's controversial surgery.
New tonight, hear from a local woman who also underwent a double mastectomy and her advice to women.

And, the bad guys just never give up.
We'll show you the new way crooks are scamming you through your bills!

I hope you're enjoying your evening and you'll join us tonight at 11.