Tips for saving and making money from your credit cards

Travel season is fast approaching and we're looking for the credit cards that won't just help you spend your money, but actually give you something back.

The credit card offers never stop coming, however, provides their opinion on the best ongoing rewards cards that will help you make money and not just spend it.

At the top of their list is the Capital One Venture Card. This card offers an $100 initial bonus for spending $1,000 during the first three months.

The second rewards card recommended by is the Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express. This card offers 6% cash back on groceries, 3% on gas and department store purchases, and 1% on everything else. The Blue Cash Preferred Card is a great card for everyday spending, as well as travel expenses.

Finally, Cardhub suggests the Penfed Platinum Rewards Card. This is a Pentagon Federal Credit Union card. This offers 5 points per every dollar spent on gas, 3 points per dollar on groceries and 1 point on all other expenses.

Rewards cards are great if you always pay your bill in full, and travel rewards cards are great if you are a frequent traveler. also provided money saving savvy travel tips. Cardhub suggests that when planning a trip consumers should think outside the box.

Don't always go to the typical destinations because they are usually hard to book on a budget.

Instead, consider a small town and a mid-week flight. Cardhub suggests renting a house as opposed to booking an expensive hotel in order to save yourself some money.

Capital One and Blue Cash Preferred charge annual fees, the Penfed card has only a one time $10 membership fee. Consumers should always check the fees before signing up for a new card.

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