DDIW: Neat Receipt helps clear the clutter

DDIW: Neat Receipt helps clear the clutter

The Neat Receipt digital filing system can help clear the clutter leftover from tax season.

Neat Receipt scans several documents and creates digital files, allowing people to get organized on the computer and stop using the messy, traditional home filing system.

The makers of Neat Receipt describe the benefits their product offers: "business cards become a clean contact list, receipts become an expense report and documents become easy-to-find PDF's."

19 Action News tried the product out at the JM Green CPA Firm in Beachwood, where they do a lot of people's taxes.

"I think that if someone has a fear of computers or doesn't have the patience, I think it's going to be a little difficult," said Nancy Hart of JM Green.

Software installation took some time to download, but the device worked smoothly once it was up and running.

To use Neat Receipt, simply flip over your receipt and let it scan.  The device will automatically store the information into the virtual filing cabinet of your choice.

"I think for storing documents and if you can figure out how to send them to someone, your tax preparer or anyone else that you might want to give information to, it would be helpful," Hart said.

There is a learning curve, but the Neat Receipt can help even the messiest person with their documents.

Neat also has a mobile app that let's you create expense reports and share them with anyone right from the palm of their hand.

It costs about $180.

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