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Man Arrested: 11-week-old baby girl fatally stabbed in Sandusky

Denzel Castile (Source: Sandusky Police) Denzel Castile (Source: Sandusky Police)
Dewey Street, Sandusky Dewey Street, Sandusky
Aphena Castile (Courtesy: Sandusky Register) Aphena Castile (Courtesy: Sandusky Register)

A baby girl was fatally stabbed at a Sandusky home on Thursday.

The baby was just 11 weeks, and was attacked inside a house on Dewey Street.

During the 911 call back you can here police arrive, and the chaos that ensues as Denzel Castile begins to stab the child, just as officers arrive and in the crowded room are unable to fire at him until it's too late.

Castile, 19, was arrested at the scene.

"When he went to college he came back and he was different we just couldn't talk to him no more," said David Castile.

The family theorizes drug use could have changed him. It is a family, including Denzel that is religious, but his loud cries to Jesus before the murder had the family considering hospitalizing him.

Denzel is charged with assault and is being held without bond. 

Initially, Castile was to appear in court on Friday morning, but that appearance was delayed until Monday. It is likely a new charge of murder will be added.

Castile is believed to be the baby's uncle.

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