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Clevelanders directing Captain America

Russo brothers (SOURCE: family) Russo brothers (SOURCE: family)

Captain America, the Winter Soldier will soon be in production in Cleveland, and directing the latest Marvel blockbuster will be Clevelanders Joe and Anthony Russo.   

The Russo brothers are Emmy Award winning television directors, and their love of the arts was developed at a young age, their dad says, by their mom, Patricia, "She would spend a good deal of time with them in University Circle at various institutions, so they began to appreciate art at a young age, appreciate film at a young age," said Basil Russo.

The whole Russo family is proud of the accomplishments of Joe and Anthony, but Basil admits he was, at first, at least, not so sure the Russo men were headed in the right career direction, "The first thing that came to mind was, they would run off to Hollywood chasing a dream, and wind up coming back to Cleveland in their mid-thirties, and have to start all over again in new careers," said Basil.

But that thought did not last long.  As it turns out, Basil and Patricia so believed in their sons that they helped finance their first movie, which in turn led to their highly regarded television work, and ultimately a chance to get in the door with Marvel.

"So when they went and interviewed with Marvel they didn't have the kind of background that many prominent directors had to land the job," said Basil.  But they got the job, and now they are molding the latest in the Marvel series, and they are shooting in their hometown.

Basil is thrilled and so are his sons, "Anytime they have the opportunity to come back and spend extended time with their mom and myself and their two sisters, that's their number one motivating factor."

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