Dear Danielle: Online payments can still be late

Dear Danielle: Becky's online bill payments

If you pay your bill online days before it is due, you should be paid off on time, right?  But for some, that might not be the case.

19 Action News received an email from Becki saying she was late paying her bill even though she paid it online days before the due date.  In short, watch what day the payment is set to be processed.

When making an online payment, one typically needs to select a date for the payment to be processed on.  Bank websites will automatically display the earliest date your creditor will receive the payment.  People can either accept the set date or choose a later date.

Also, if the payment is sent electronically, the money for the payment is withdrawn from the used account on that selected date.

To avoid late fees, check the individual bill statement to see when it was posted.  This will help indicate how much lead time needed for future payments.

Paying online may be faster than the traditional pen and checkbook, but there is still a risk of late fees.

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