Shooting range neighbors call 19 Action News for action

Shooting range neighbors call 19 Action News for action

COLUMBIA STATION, OH (WOIO) - The sound of gunshots were caught on tape in Olmsted Falls and that same sound had residents calling police and also calling 19 Action News for action.

Residents complained that the shooting range being used behind Citywide Construction in what is technically Columbia Station was ruining their quality of life.   

 "They had us up until 10:30 at night with bullets and grenades going off, rapid fire felt like I was in Afghanistan," said Ken Kyle of Olmsted Falls.

Today we went looking for answers.  It turns out Olmsted Falls police did have a night time training session. 

"It was a one time thing. It's not happening again.  We will no longer be doing that type of shooting at that range," said Olmsted Falls Police Chief Daniel Gilles.

A manager at Citywide Construction didn't want his face on camera but said they were sorry.

"There are no more night classes going on.  We apologize for what happened here but there is nothing we can do to take it back. It happened and we are taking care of it," said a Citywide Construction manager.

But Residents complained to us that  the shooting goes on constantly. 

 "Everybody has a right to their life, to peace, to be able to cook out, to talk, and we are having that taken from us," said Brandi Borgia.

But Olmsted Falls police say they train at this shooting range once a month if that. And there is another range right next door.  Police say what is most likely going on here is a clash between the laws of Olmsted Falls on one side of the street and the laws of Columbia Station located on the other side.

"There is a lot of shooting that takes place along out border with Columbia Station the entire length of our city because they have no restrictions," added Chief Gilles.

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