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43 Forum: Peace in the hood

Khalid Samad attributes his awareness of the world around him to Sunday visits to his Grandmother's store during his youth. His grandmother's store, located on 76th and Central in Cleveland, Ohio, possibly had the largest collection of African-American news periodicals in the city. Khalid's grandmother sold mainstream papers as well as papers from African American organizations.

On Sunday mornings Khalid read these papers at his grandmother's store. He was enthusiastic about the opportunity to absorb information from multiple perspectives, and what he read influenced his decision to become the activist he is today.

Currently, aligned with the organization Peace In The Hood, Kahlid works to foster improved self worth and positive identity for people susceptible to destructive behaviors.

Peace In The Hood helps people resist impulsive behavior and enable them to redirect and compose themselves so they can disagree without being disagreeable.

First and foremost the organization promotes that all life is precious. Once an individual realizes the place in which they exist, they have the ability to deprogram and reprogram their thoughts and approach towards life. As Khalid says, "Can't rehab a house that hasn't been built in the first place."

That is why Peace In the Hood, alongside similar organizations, align with individuals to help manifest true potential.

The National Gang Summit invites the community to attend an event beginning May 30th at 9 a.m. at Cleveland State University with offerings spanning the weekend. People from all over are coming to speak on topics including public policy, partnerships, and future initiatives. Everyone is welcome.

 As Khalid Samad says, "teamwork makes the dream work."  In this case the dream includes less crime and brighter futures.

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