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Love it or lose it: Ohio’s license plate debate

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Could Ohio become a one-plate-state for drivers? Two state representatives are working to make that happen.

They say only requiring one license plate in Ohio would mean savings for drivers and the state.

"I think it's good to not have them on the front, because I grew up in Michigan and we really have never had them on the front," said Terri Ward. "That seems like a waste of money."

Ohio drivers have to spend more to make sure their front and back bumpers are covered on the road. If they don't, that can cost them, too.

"Whether or not it's necessary to have a front license plate, probably not. I'd say people would probably benefit if they didn't have to have a front license plate, though," said Sarah Stump. "I know I'd have five tickets less."

Lawmakers say the move would save drivers about $1.25 each, but it would save the state about $1.4 million annually. Police say there is some value to front plates, though. It allows them and others to get vital information, no matter if a car is coming or going.

"Our automatic license plate readers on our car can capture cars coming the other way, as well as the officers doing their daily patrols, if they're looking for stolen cars, or a particular person that's wanted," explained Sgt. Joe Heffernan, of the Toledo Police Department.

Several police agencies from across the state testified last week in front of the House Transportation, Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee, advocating for keeping the front plates.

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