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Police targeting local highways

You are going to notice the increased police presence, local law enforcement are calling it a high visibility corridor enforcement plan.  Local highways, for the next two weeks, will be heavily patrolled as police look to pull over speeders, and anyone else breaking the law, all basically to find out if you are wearing your seat belt.  If not, expect a ticket.

"It's the easiest thing you can do to protect your family and friends," said Sgt. Kevin Harris of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Consider this program just the latest push of the Click It Or Ticket campaign.  State police believe the program is working, 75% of Cuyahoga County drivers now wear a seat belt and that is up from 69% from the previous year.  That's the good news, the bad news is that Cuyahoga has the worst seat belt usage rate of any county in the state.

And State Police really believe the problem becomes even more dangerous at night, "At night you have more single car crashes, less congestion on the road, so more high speeds and with that you have those single car crashes," said Sgt. Harris.

I-480, I-77, I-90 and I-71 will all be targeted by police at some point over the next two weeks, and if you are not wearing a seat belt, there will be no exceptions, you will get a ticket.

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