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Hot Story: New sunscreen guidelines

The sun is out and that means it is time to put on sunscreen. 

Helen Rhynard says growing up she was well aware of what the sun can do to your skin.

"My grandfather, he had some lesions on his ears. He was a golfer," says Rhynard.

That is why she does not mess around when it comes to protecting herself and her daughter from the strong rays.

"I'm aware of skin cancer and small cells or cluster cells can form," explains Rhynard.

For Rhynard, being aware means slapping on the proper sunscreen before she heads outside.

Dr. Paul Hazen is the team dermatologist for the Cleveland Indians.  He recommends a broad-spectrum SPF of 30 to 50.

"Everybody should wear sunscreen no matter what the coloration of their skin," says Dr. Hazen.  "With the increase in incidents of the cancerous moles, it's really important to have something to recognize something that will do the job for that element."

The FDA's new labeling rules include replacing "water proof" with "water resistant" labeling.

Products with SPF 15 and lower must warn that they only protect against sunburn not skin aging or skin cancer.

Despite the warnings, Elizabeth Simonski says she shies away from sunscreen.

"I hardly ever burn," says Simonkski.  "I know it sounds really bad but I hardly wear it. My whole life other than when I was little and my mom made me." 

 Doctors say clothing that is designed to protect your skin also helps, along with hats and sunglasses. There is no such thing as an all day sun protection.

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