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Lorain church helps tornado victims

Ebenezer Church, Lorain Ebenezer Church, Lorain

A church in Lorain has seen the need and will step up and collect food, water and clothing for the tornado victims in Oklahoma.  William Rios is the Pastor of Ebenezer Church on Globe Avenue in Lorain and he feels the need to do whatever he can to help.

"We may not be able to give them everything but at least we can give them something from Ohio, we can say we did something for them," said Rios.

Angel Arroyo is the Pastor of dot.com Ministries, and is working with the Church to coordinate the relief effort.  

"Just so we can help these people with the basics until they are able to build back up," he said.

The church has a history of helping, they took donations after Super Storm Sandy and Arroyo and other Church members ended up driving a 26-foot truck loaded with supplies to New York.

Arroyo made two trips to New York and what he learned is that the need does not quickly vanish, weeks and months after the storm people were still struggling.

"You could still see the devastation, still see the struggle of the people , still see people living on generators, and waiting in line for food," said Arroyo.

The church will take donations between now and May 30 when they will load up and head to Oklahoma.

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