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Sergio 'truly, truly sorry' for remark about Tiger

Cleveland (WOIO) - Sergio Garcia says he's "truly, truly sorry" for his remark about Tiger Woods on Tuesday night, a remark that accomplished its own personal Grand Slam: it was racist, it was insensitive, it was ignorant, and it was not funny.

Garcia, who admitted two weeks ago that he doesn't like Woods, was asked if he would get together with Tiger at the U.S. Open in June. "We'll have him 'round every night. We will serve fried chicken", Garcia answered.

Some may pass this off as an awkward attempt at humor, in a casual setting, the European Tour players dinner. And some are surprised by Tiger's reaction, a tweet that read "The comment that was made wasn't silly. It was wrong, hurtful and clearly inappropriate." After all, Tiger has 14 major championships, a few hundred million in the bank, and a hot Olympic skier girlfriend. Why would he care what Sergio says about him? But how can any of us see the world through Tiger's eyes? How many of us have been the victim of racism, whether direct, or ever-so subtle, even in the form of a bad joke?

This would be a story if any prominent person had made that comment, but because it was Sergio, it carries a little more meaning. Their dislike for each other is well-known. Their battles, and bickering, have been played out on the public stage recently. A comment like that, considering the animosity involved, comes from somewhere.

This doesn't have to remain a controversy, just a reminder, that those type of statements reveal more about the person saying them, than those on the receiving end.


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