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Editorial Response: C. Ellen Connally's Editorial Reply

I  am C. Ellen Connally, president of the Cuyahoga County Council responding to Bill Applegate's "Movie Madness" editorial.

In a few weeks the movie stars will return to Hollywood.  Clevelanders will regain the use of city streets and temporary workers will return to the ranks of the unemployed. Were the tax credits and exemptions granted to the movie industry worth the inconvenience to large numbers of our population? 

The Cleveland Film Commission justifies these concessions by asserting off-setting tax revenues from hotel rentals, jobs and business with local companies. While the hype is great, the citizens of Cuyahoga County need a clearer analysis of the true economic impact of movies made in Cleveland. 

Other cities and states have withdrawn tax incentives after finding that the Hollywood bang is not worth the buck.

The Cleveland Film Commission needs to demonstrate real proof of their assertion that the movie industry is a boost to the local economy before they ask for more concessions. A walk on the red carpet is great, but the yellow brick road should lead to permanent jobs and long-term business advantages for greater Cleveland before taxpayers shell out another dime.

Thank you.

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