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Friends and family still fighting to find nurse's killer

Justice for Aliza Sherman Justice for Aliza Sherman
Surveillance Picture (Source: Cleveland Police) Surveillance Picture (Source: Cleveland Police)
Aliza Sherman (Source: Facebook) Aliza Sherman (Source: Facebook)

A killer is still roaming free, after the brutal murder of a woman in the heart of downtown Cleveland.

Now two months later, frustration is setting in for Aliza Sherman's loved ones.

Friends and family fighting to solve this case are now wearing bracelets that say "Justice for Aliza."  They're passing them out around town and vow to wear them until justice is served.

"We're trying to keep awareness up, keep it relevant...a top priority in the Cleveland Police Department," said life long friend of the victim, Jan Lash.

Those behind "Justice for Aliza" headed up another rally Thursday, making this one about public safety.

"There's a murderer loose. There's someone walking around downtown Cleveland or somewhere who committed this terrible tragedy," said Lash.

A murky image from the Galleria's surveillance footage is about all detectives have to go on.

But not everyone believes others are at risk with her killer still out there.

"I personally don't.  It was a targeted hit on her unfortunately," said Birdie Frank.

The two months following the Cleveland Clinic nurse's brutal murder are being described as frustrating and disappointing.

"It's heartbreaking," said Frank.

Sherman's daughter, Jen, says every moment of every day is difficult. But she digs deeps for the strength to fight.

"She would do this for me. She would be fighting for me and she deserves for us to be out here fighting for her justice," she said.

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