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"Captain America" producers next scene is slated for the courtroom

Set of "Captain America" movie scene in downtown Cleveland Set of "Captain America" movie scene in downtown Cleveland

The owner of the city's second largest parking lot is set to go to trial against the production companies in the "Captain America" movie.

The PIT Parking Lot sits conveniently close to the Justice Center, Lakeside Courthouse, Cuyahoga County Administration Building, and the Warehouse District. 

The 5-1/2 acre parking lot, with 782 spaces for cars, is located north of Lakeside Avenue and extends from West 3rd St. to West 9th St.  Other than The Cleveland Stadium's parking lot, it is the largest surface lot in Cleveland, and the one most-used by car owners going to the Justice Center.

On behalf of the lot owner, Cuyahoga Lakefront Land LLC, lawyers filed a request with the courts asking to restrain the movie companies currently shooting the "Captain America" film in Cleveland from "blocking vehicular and pedestrian access to the lot's West 3rd St. entrance for two full weeks, starting tomorrow, Saturday June 1, 2013.

According to Elias Kassouf, vice president of the firm owning the lot, the movie production "will prevent virtually 95% of our parking lot customers from entering our property. "

Negotiations between his company and a representative of the movie companies over closing off access to the lot for two weeks reached an impasse this week.      

The City permit allowing the production companies to close off W. 3rd St. will mean car owners will need much more stamina to reach their destinations, Elias Kassouf noted.  The lot's West 3rd St. entrance is only 400 feet to the Justice Center; from the lot's W. 9th St. entrance, the walking distance is 2,500 feet—almost a half mile. 

He also noted the City will lose the eight percent parking tax it assesses to each parking ticket.  Nearby bars, restaurants and other businesses will be affected as well, he said.

"I always heard that the image of Captain America was as a defender of all Americans and their rights as citizens," he concluded.  "Apparently the movie producers have a different ideal:  to take away someone's business, because they can get away with it."        

Both sides will appear in Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judge Nancy Russo on Wednesday, June 5th, at noon.

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