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Westlake Church Paying it Forward

Your Bridge Church Your Bridge Church

It's Sunday morning at Hilliard Elementary School in Westlake, and the singing and praying of worshippers of Your Bridge Church can be heard pouring out from inside the gymnasium.

Pastor Jonathan Buckland says the mission of the church is to spread the love of God.

"We believe that our lives are blessed as believers, but the purpose is not so that we hoard God's blessings. I believe we are blessed so we can bless other people," says Buckland.

This week Pastor Jonathan Buckland is taking that belief to another level.

At the end of this Sunday's service Buckland passed out envelopes containing 10 and 20 dollar bills.

"They can do whatever they want with it. We want them to be creative. There are no strings attached. We just want to be a force for good in our community," added Buckland.

Church members like Connie Wauthier are anxious to get started. Just by coincidence the Sunday school teacher was on the receiving end of an act of kindness just this week.

"Just the other day going through the McDonald's someone paid for my order that was ahead of me in the drive up and surprised me!" says Wauthier.  "It sure made me feel like it was going to be a good day that day."

What will she do with the cash she gets today.

"I'm not sure. I might take someone to lunch. I might buy them a gift."

Pay it forward campaigns have been known to create chain reactions of goodness and positive thoughts. Pastor Buckland is hoping that's what he will do here.

"When someone can surprise them, it makes their heart soar, and really that's what the church should be about - giving people hope."

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