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Thanks, Captain America! Another rough commute

Detroit eastbound into downtown Cleveland Detroit eastbound into downtown Cleveland

Captain America may be a superhero on the big screen, but to some, especially for those who live on the west side, he is just a traffic trouble maker.  The Shoreway eastbound into downtown Cleveland, remains closed as filming continues on the latest Marvel blockbuster.  

The end result is major traffic tie-ups coming into Downtown Cleveland from the west side.  With the Shoreway closed commuters are flocking to 90 East and Detroit as alternatives.

Friday was the first day of the closure and it was a traffic nightmare, but some commuters felt the start of a new work week was a bit more smooth.

"Much better. These guys, the police are helping direct traffic and there is no parking so it's two lanes and it's a good thing," said one commuter.

"Well, it's a little bit better. It's been moving a little bit better, there have been cops out and it seems to be moving ok, until I got about here," said another who had just driven into the backup around West 50th and Detroit.

But as rush hour crawled along, it seemed to become a bigger challenge, especially for those who did not leave early enough.

"I went 90 on Friday and tried to change it up today and it's even worse going this way, and now I am already a half hour late," said one driver trying to get all the way to the Cleveland Clinic.

"Traffic is completely backed up and I am about thirty minutes late," said another commuter inching down Detroit trying to get downtown.

Unfortunately, once you made it downtown the battle was not over, traffic in the city was backed up well past 9 a.m.

Businesses in the Gordon Square area are losing important parking during peak hours, to open as much of the road as possible for inconvenienced drivers.

But rather than dwelling on the disadvantages of the detour, places like Sweet Moses are capitalizing on the increased exposure

"It's bringing people to the neighborhood and through the neighborhood who are generally taking 90 or the Shoreway so hopefully they see what we have to offer and come back another time."

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