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What does the future hold for the Shoreway?

The Shoreway shutdown, may be giving us a sneak peak, into future traffic patterns.  If the mayor has his way, the Shoreway, will be more about looks than speed.

"We're almost complete with the pedestrian tunnel work.  That was kind of the kickoff project to the lakefront west work," said ODOT Spokesperson, Amanda Lee.

The West Tunnel is complete and open.  The W. 76th tunnel opens in July.  The next phase is the W. 73rd extension connecting W. 73rd with Edgewater Park.

The West Shoreway, quiet now because Captain America filming.  Plans have been on the table for years to change it from the thru-fare to a much slower, tree-lined boulevard.

"So they'll have existing W. 73rd and go under the Shoreway and then connect it to Edgewater Park that way.  That project is funded.  It is expected to begin construction in July," Lee said.
Part of the plan now is to change that 50 mph speed limit here on the Shoreway, reduce it down to 35 mph, make it more pedestrian friendly."

"We're going to do all this without adding any additional traffic signals.  So on a normal, average commute day it will only add 75-seconds to folks commutes between West Boulevard and W. 25th," Lee reassures.  "Not that much that much to get to the nice connections everybody has been looking forward to to the lake."

Also on the drawing board, the replacement of the West Shoreway eastbound exit ramp to W. 45th Street as well as the ramps on the north side of the West Shoreway.

All that depends on funding that is currently under review.  If approved, the Shoreway turns into a slower paced boulevard.  ODOT says it should be completed by the Summer of 2015.

Then future development of the lakefront, one of our best assets will be easier to do.

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